Verelle Fudge’s art

The Story of the Paintings
Verelle Fudge

The Holy Spirit comes to us
In the beauty of a dove
With gifts of Living Water
And Unconditional Love …..

We’re guided on our journey
And shown which way to go
We learn, and travel onward
Enlightened as we grow …..

We celebrate Communion
And talk to God in Prayer
Our faith it grows, and we learn more
Of Jesus’ Love and Care …..

For each of us is different
In colour, shape or size,
But each of us is precious
In God’s forgiving eyes …..

Our faith propels us forward
And gives us strength to care –
For all the people ‘round us
It’s important that we share …..

With faith we travel on through life
And people see our smile
And even when the road gets tough
We’ll go the extra mile …..

For how we live our lives each day
In Faith and Hope and Love –
It helps God’s family to grow
To meet in Heaven above …..

© 2020 Verelle Fudge — Used with permission

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