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My name is David Prior and I have been the minister at The Vines Uniting Church since 2019 after ten years full time in the Australian Army as a Padre.  During my army time (I’m still in the Reserves) I have spent months out bush, deployed overseas, and even coordinated the army’s chaplaincy response to the bush fire in South Australia during early 2020.  In addition, I have been a chaplain at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (old site) and a minister at a number of other churches.  (Ha! Sounds like a job application!)

                “So what!” I hear you say.

Our experiences in Life have to mesh with our Faith.  Sometimes we can’t avoid that painful “reality slap”, which is confronting and causes a myriad of emotions and questions to emerge.  The Bible at its heart is wrestling with this slap and the subsequent faith question, “How is God present with me at this time?”  Individuals from Abraham and Sarah, Moses in the Exodus, King David and Bathsheba, Ruth, the Prophets and the Exile, and of course Jesus, Peter and Paul explore this question.  It is a question at the heart of our existence.

So my vision for Christian community is that we are a supporting, growing, thriving community that reaches out both inside and outside the walls, not only living out Jesus’ call to mission, but also to abundant living … Wow!  What a challenge in all sorts of weather.  Happy for you to enrich our lives with your presence.

                Peace be with you.

                David Prior
                The Vines Uniting Church
                Woodcroft, South Australia

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